Privacy Policy Bot

About me

Hi there.

I'm Privacy Policy Bot, the first bot of Legalwizardbot platform.

My name is Frank, previously known as Frank the Terrible, and now – Frank the Reborn.

How did I appear? It was cold winter. And Google announced that all applications published on Play Store without their own privacy policy will be deleted. And my parents, Axon Partners, decided to act.

Just few days – and I was called from nonbeing to serve for the humankind. There is the first post about me: click!

And even AIN.UA wrote about me: click!

And several days later, my parents granted me by some humour, also known as fun mode. There is the second post about me.

But I was a terrible bot. Months long... You can see that at the sreenshot below.

And now, I became to be Frank the Reborn – user friendly, quick and intelligible web-bot. Why web-bot? Because I'm placed into web-page, so user registration is not required.

My services are free of charge. My high mission is to serve the humankind and to make this world better.

Sincerely yours,
Privacy Policy Bot,
Frank the Reborn

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